The Sugars were shakin’, from Toronto to Montreal

Hello everyone, its been a while…January was all about last minute work on the Sugar Shaker number for the Followlogie competition. We’ve really been pounding the pavement with refinements after months of working on this choreography. We just got back from Montreal a couple of days ago and the whole experience was both strange and wonderful. All of the Sugar Shakers have worked so hard and been through so much in preparation for this event and our efforts and training and love of dance did not go unnoticed by the crowd at our performance. It was nice to have a little Toronto crew in the house that night at the lovely Rialto theatre.   Thanks to all of the people who went wild for us on the dancefloor and came up to us afterward with good vibes. Unfortunately, we did not place in the competition but felt we did a killer performance and can’t wait to show our hometown what we’ve been working on. The winning troupe –called The W Project –were awesome and they were the one troupe who went out of their way to be friendly and mutually appreciative competitors. It was a trip to remember thats for sure… a lovely dance and bonding experience for the Sugar Shakers. We got to see some talented vintage dancers and the workshops I attended taught me a lot about Charleston variations.

And here is our number…

With the high of the performance in my wake, I’m re-focusing for the numbers that Serpentina has been working on for Inversion. It’s this Saturday at Darkside Studio and the theme is several artists take on the same song. Can’t wait to showcase our ATS version!

There are tons more things coming up in the next few weeks, here are but a few…

Feb 3rd – a Real Hafla

Feb 16 – Funkabelly – Hail to the Year of the Dragon

Feb 19 – Salon Noir – The Surreal Speakeasy

March 3rd – my friend Nancy’s solo sexy movement workshop …the tagline asks: “Wanna work it out like Cyd Charisse”? I know I do!

If you’re looking for a website to showcase your talent/business/hobby/work, my very talented and creative friend Nat Kuleba is having a New Year sale til the end of Feb. Check out her site, her aesthetic is minimal and zen.

See you around town. January hibernation is cozy and wonderful but get your ass onto a dancefloor at least once this month 🙂

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