Speakeasies and Springtime.

Happy almost March everyone! I blinked and February is leaving as quickly as it came. A lot of dance got packed into this short month already. Lets start with this past weekend: the long-awaited, much anticipated Surreal Speakeasy –brought to us by Salon Noir. With the speakeasy theme in full effect everyone was looking fine. And that wasn’t just the absinthe talking, people really went all out! I had a lovely time performing with Sugar Shakers, a new ‘flapper doll’ themed number, alongside the likes of a barbershop quartet, sultry burlesque and the headliner David J of Bahaus.

Sugar Shakers also opened for Tia Brazda this month at the Cadillac Lounge for her EP release party. It was a full house for her and after hearing this red-headed bombshell with a vintage jazz sounding voice, I can see why. The week before that, Sugar Shakers also danced alongside local talent Alex Pangman at one of  the Saturday Night Swing events. Another great night of music and dance…

On a bellydance note, last week was Funkabelly –a fire theme, this month– and again more fabulous music. Nomadica, as always, filled the space with its eclectic grooves and featured the Funkabelly Allstars doing shamadan (dancing with candlebras on their heads). Gorgeousness. The headliner was Xing Bang Fu, a dancer of such experience and refinement that he truly left us breathless. For years Om Laila has lived in the same studio as Xing teaches ballet and modern dance, yet I had never seen him perform.  I’m not entirely sure how to describe his style but as I understand it, he is one of a kind:  moving between  joyful and sinister, non-uniform, yet perfectly contained in his movement. I spent most of my time in the vendors section, at my Strange Dames booth…I’ve run out of cowls almost but expect some more in the coming months. Oh yes and fascinators too. Thanks to all my dancing (and singing!) ladies helping me promote the things I make. If you make things and want to sell them at Funkabelly, let me know. We are always looking for new designers and creators to add to our vendor section.

And last for now but certainly not least,  was  Inversion: Rewind, at Darkside Studio. Serpentina North Ensemble performed alongside other local acts including Coco Framboise and my new favourite mime (an altar ego of bellydancer Lluvia). The new location is amazing and it was nice to have an intimate studio show with so many other dancers, again making me grateful for the sense of community that arises from dancing together. I’m excited to check out some dance-related but not dance events that Audra will be hosting, including fireside chats, movie screenings and ‘A Real Hafla’ haflas.

I had plans of posting some new costume pieces I got in the past little while…particularly two headpieces made by two of my talented friends. But I have no clear pictures yet (but sneak peek in the photo above, I wore one to Salon Noir) , so that’s for next time.

If, like me, you get upset that you can’t dress up like a larger than life character everyday and are looking for something wildly creative to do this weekend, see you at the Fedora Upside Down‘s Mardi Gras Masquerade party. Featuring a bunch of local bands including Combo Royale, who I only saw once and was left wanting more.

Remember to check the events section, there are lots of new shows coming this spring!

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