“I study and draw from mindfulness, zen buddhist theory, functional movement, and dance in my teaching approach”. (Sandy Watters)

Sandy is a certified vinyasa yoga instructor whose meditation and yoga practice spans 20 years. Sandy supports the individuals and groups to experience yoga, from a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive framework. Sandy is interested in the lineages and traditions around yoga, as well as adaptations to modern life and social context.

Sandy received her 200 hour certification in vinyasa yoga through Karma Teachers in September of 2015 and continued to expand her skills in the area of working with diverse populations. She has co-facilitated trauma-sensitive yoga for LGBTQ youth in clinical and community settings since 2015 and has extensive experience supporting homeless and underhoused youth in Toronto in the areas of mental health, employment and housing.

Sandy has experience teaching yoga to adults across life stages and is dedicated to yoga being for all bodies.

As a student of cross-cultural learning, meaning not being from the culture of origin of yogic and Buddhist practices, Sandy seeks to maintain cultural humility in her approach. This is an important tension to hold in the context of co-building equitable spaces for people to practice yoga from all social locations and to actively work toward a decolonization and commodification of the practice of yoga.

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