2012, a space odyssey.

Happy new year, fellow space travelers! Inner and outer space that is. Welcome to 2012, what will you do this year?

Looking back at 2011, I feel good about it. Through all of life’s madness I managed to do some pretty awesome dance stuff, like:

  • Did my first dance competition ever, with Sugar Shakers in Montreal last January
  • Performed solo bellydance at Second City alongside really amazing circus performers
  •  Joined the wonderful ATS/ITS troupe, Serpentina North Ensemble
  • Started learning Lindy Hop with Sugar Shaker Joanna Kassoulides. The adventure in partner dance continues
  • Completed my first Rachel Brice intensive (4 days!)
  • Performed vintage flapper dance at Funkabelly and bellydance at Lindy Hop Cabaret… I love when worlds collide!
  • Started writing this dance blog

On the last point, its been almost a year of writing this blog about my adventures in dance. It started out when someone who hired me for a show wanted promotional material for the show’s program, so I scrambled to put together a wordpress page, not sure if I would continue after it served that purpose. I’ve always  been a writer and decided to keep on with it, wondering if anyone would be interested in reading my words. Turns out some people do because there have been about 1300 hits snce I began. WordPress sends out the “Your 2011 Year n Blogging” email and I found out that most of the hits are from Canada and Europe (mostly Italy) but that people all over the world have checked out my blog…from Brazil to South America and the highest percentage of hits from Asia came from Indonesia! I think this is really awesome and reading this report gave me the same sense of wonder and amazement I remember having when I first explored the internet from the computer in my parents livingroom. It’s really an incredible thing to be connected over geographical space. Thank you to everyone who has clicked on my blog, I look forward to another year of writing about this inner/outer space odyssey with you all.

Over the holiday Serpentina had the pleasure of a private session with Rosana McGuire while she was visiting from San Francisco, to learn some of her signature bellydance/vintage/flapper moves. She was also selling some of her lovely creations, I bought a really awesome headpiece and crocheted earrings, will post photos soon! There’s still more of her stuff up for grabs, check it out!

2011 also brought Hindsight Studio and Strange Dames out into the world, I am thankful to all of the creative people who’ve been encouraging me to ‘get out there’ with the things I make. This month, Hindsight will be promoting some crocheted designs by guest artist Ruby-Dee. All you bellydancers out there, listen up…if you play zylls/finger cymbals, you need some of these! I got mine years back from a fellow bellydancer and have always had people ask where to get Now’s your chance…only $20 for this handmade bag and cover set, price will be higher on the etsy site.

I love these because not only to they protect my zylls but if I’m practicing in a small area or at home where the full on zyll sound can be intense, I cover one zyll on each hand to muffle the sound but still have mobility and be able to hear what I’m playing. If you want to buy a set please email me at watters.sandy@gmail.com

You know its a new year in Toronto when the Harburfront DJ Skate Nights start up. This has been my favourite (and only) outdoor winter activity the past couple of years. See you at the rink! Don’t forget to check the Upcoming Shows section for this month’s happenings!

All good things to you for 2012.

2 thoughts on “2012, a space odyssey.

  1. American Tribal Style is a modern bellydance style developed by Caroleena Nerrichio of Fat Chance Bellydance (www.fcbd.com) in San Fran, made up of various styles of bellydance and borrowing from other poweful dance forms like flamenco and kathak. It’s “tribal” because its done in a group, and there is a leader who cues different sequences of moves. Its a codified form that is designed for playful interaction between the dancers, a truly interdependent dance form.

    Improvisational Tribal Style is a branch off that where the concept is the same but the codified moves are played with in different ways. Dancers wear elaborate earthy costumes and adornments from a mishmash of cultures and often attracts tattooed bellydance rebels 🙂

    If anyone has anything else to add that i may have left out, please do!

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