Bellydance Revolution

Here are some of the lovely photos taken by Ken Dobb last weekend..I love outdoor dance photos, especially with all the colourful background in the market. It was really an amazing show, where people can check out a variety of bellydance styles from the most traditional to the most abstract. And lovely costumes, many of them made by the dancers themselves. Talented women abound in this city, I tell you! Earlier in the day Sugar Shakers performed at Good Egg but I haven’t gotten any photos from that yet….so if you were there and took any please share!

Jaash rocking an acoustic version of Raquay and the Caveman’s “Nubian.”  Why yes it is a doumbek AND djembe strapped on him. Love it!



After a record breaking costume change, I danced my second ever performance with Serpentina North Ensemble, and we did two improv numbers which were super fun. Beautiful music, stunning costumes (I love these giant circle skirts!) and hey even some tips in the hat. Remember to show some monetary love to your local street artists and as Orkideh always says: especially the kind that folds! Thank you PS Kensington crowd for your love…


Once our performances were done and the entire bellydance show finished, I wandered through the streets to see what else was up. I saw the best bucket drummer I’ve ever personally witnessed –a guy from New York who was so incredible and after playing the buckets made his way through the crowd to drum on anything he coudl find: fruit boxes, water bottles, backpacks… he was really great. Then a few members of Lemon Bucket Orchestra played in front of Moonbean, so I sat on a bench with some friends to take in the show.  Food, more friends, drinks, more music…just another summertime Sunday.

Monday brought the Sugar Shakers first annual open house, where there were some performances and free classes to find out what we’re all about. It was a good turnout for a Monday night and a couple of my bellydance friends won free classes in the raffle. After all of these shows I got my performance fill and look forward to more intensive practice as we move out of the summer show blitz. However you can catch me again in the market next month for Pedestrian Sundays and there are some interesting events coming up in October that I will be dancing at with my various groups. Check in the Upcoming section for details. Oh and not to be missed this long weekend Salon Noir, start planning your costume now…

Szia ! <—bye in Hungarian



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