Something old, something new…

New ideas and creative projects are overflowing this month, fall is always my most inspiring season. There’s nothing quite like the energy that flows this time of year. I’ve recently come across some old photos from my trip to San Fransisco for Mecca Immersion in 2009 and thought I would share them with you:

With Zoe Jakes after her workshop

With Fat Chance dancers after SF Mecca Revue

With Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour  after a CRAZY zylls workshop taught by Jamila

I have tons more pics and video from both times I attended SF Mecca Immersion –first for the 3 day track then the 6 day intermediate/advanced track, which seriously propelled me into new terrain with my dancing and how I thought about myself as a performer, entertainer and general vehicle of expression through physical movement.

But lets step away from my reverie and general  longing to be in San Fransisco…into this long weekend that just passed here in Toronto. I worked the door at Salon Noir for Laura and I have to give kudos to Laura and Justin for doing a smashing event once again –this night is starting to get a little following going on and they’re already planning the next one in February. The crowd  was dressed to the nine and with the taste of absinthe on everyone’s  tongues, a rip roaring good time was had by all. Here’s a a couple photos someone snapped of me chatting away in the vendors area.


It was back to the grind on Tuesday but the new Sugar Shakers sessions started up for both solo charleston and partner lindy hop. Feel free to come join next week, details  at

Sugar Shakers are currently gearing up for Followlogie in Montreal (Jan 2012) where we will be competing and attending workshops. Last year was my first time at the event –and first time ever competing in dance! I took an amazing can-can workshop with Jo Hoffberg …check out the can-can mix from the event. I’m at the end of the video on the right hand side of the chorus line, kicking up a storm with a maniacal grin on my face. Nice.

I had a fabulous time though I felt a bit shy being  new to the lindy hop scene, around all these badass dancers. But this year I’m ready to leave that shyness behind, so look out leaders, someone else will have to step on your toes this time!




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