Can I get a doom tek?!

I’ve been working on cooking up a set for the next Pedestrian Sundays in the market…this month is a triple threat: all three of the groups I dance with –Sugar Shakers, Serpentina North Ensemble and Om Laila –will be throwing down! I’m looking forward to it, hoping it’ll be as much fun as our last show in the market, check the ‘Upcoming’ section for all the show locations.  Also, in  you haven’t heard about it,  this Wednesday (august 17th) is Roula Said’s dance, drums, zylls workshop, check here for details. If you’re at all interested in Arabic percussion, whether it be to enhance your dancing or develop drumming or zylling skills, you will not want to miss this. I know I’ll be there!

With September right around the corner I’m excited to get into the hustle and bustle of fall. That means all classes are in full swing again and I can get back to my regular dance practice. I must also mention some events and classes around town that I’ll definitely be checking out.

Salon Noir 

Vegetarian Food Fair

Compelling Creative Combos with Danielle Lotteridge

ATS and Beyond – Classes with Orkideh Serpentina

I leave you with a quirky little song that I must thank Rachel Brice for introducing me to –and of course her fabulous choreography to go along with it. I vow to you and the world to work on this choreography this fall! Can I get a witness?!

Bon nuit mes amis!



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