Melting July away…

This July has been the hottest I can remember in a long time, with record temperatures making it feel like we’re all wading through taffy in downtown Toronto.  I completed the Rachel Brice intensive and didn’t want to write about it right away because there was just so much to process. As much as I love finding words to capture unspeakable experiences, I find that these lessons are so physical, I’m not sure how interested I am in putting them into words. That being said, it wasn’t all mind blowing and trancendental, there were moments of frustration, embarrassment and insecurity along with determination, patience, ecstasy and accomplishment…a lot of things come out of a body and mind  when you work them that hard. There is no certainty this work will “get” you “somewhere,” yet I can’t help feeling a shift in my level of practice, something about the way Rachel melded things together that resonated with me.

I have a few more shows this summer but I am currently not seeking out performance opportunities so that I have time to study deeply and further develop some creative projects in the works. I am looking forward to a fruitful end of summer as well as some time off work in the fall to give more attention to these projects. Recently I have performed at some interesting events and of course look forward to dancing at PS Kensington at the end of this month –which will be my first ever performance with the Serpentina North Ensemble. Yipyip!!

Thanks for dropping by…!

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