Car free days…aka dancing in the streets!

Toronto is lucky to have Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market. Without having to look for car traffic, we are free to let our senses roam and take in the sweet summer scenery. Tomorrow you can take in some of Toronto’s bellydance talent in front of Dancing Days on Kensington Ave just north of Dundas St…the show runs 2-4pm and I will be performing for the first time with Serpentina North Ensemble at 3:15. I’m not sure of the full lineup but for sure you can see Lavish, El Banat and the lovely Juvia will be the grand finale. Its supposed to be super hot out tomorrow so I’m sure I will be feeling summer sun in full effect by the time I head over to Akram’s for my next show. There I will be doing a set with Victoria with Jaash on percussion. You don’t want to miss this…especially the number where Jaash rocks both the djembe and doumbek. Amazing. After the show be sure to step into Akram’s, they’re middle eastern food is a must have during any visit to the market. We will be dancing pieces choreographed by Meaghan Shields -one of Toronto’s bellydance gems, no located in Israel. Thank you Meaghan for continuing to inspire us even from across the globe! After my show, I’m checking out Lemon Bucket Orchestra in alleyway just south of the big park in the market –if you can’t find it just follow the festive sounds of their Balkan Klezmer mashup styles!

On a flapper note, I will be teaching the first two weeks of a Joanna Kassoulides choreography at Dovercourt House …check out my Upoming section for details or It’s a super fun solo piece to Charleston Charlie. Here’s a little vintage jazz inspiration for you:

Summer is flying by at breakneck speed and I’m loving every minute of it…hope you are too! For other bellydance related events you can check

Some bellydance  inspiration for you on your way out…super cute vintage clip of Samia Gamal and Tahia Carioca. Enjoy!

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