Happy solstice to all! The 21st truly was a long day for me and I didn’t really get a chance to pause and honour the solstice…I hope you did! But I am basking in the energy of the longer days and all of a sudden sleep is an option that pales in comparison to all the things I want to do in waking life this summer. This month brings a very special treat I’ve been looking forward to for months: an intensive workshop with Rachel Brice. That’s right she will be in Toronto during Pride weekend for a sold out intensive hosted by Dark Side Studio. I last did a workshop with Rachel is San Fransisco a couple of summers ago, only a half day but she packed it full of intense drills and collaborative choreography exercises. Amazing. I cried twice in that session…once out of frustration (with myself), once out of elation (with myself yet again. Yes it was a personal journey).  That being said I can’t wait to see what inspirations and challenges  it will surely bring.

As for shows, you can catch me dancing at every Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington market from July to September –check Upcoming Shows  page. This summer will bring  my debut with Serpentina North Ensemble, dancing mesmerizing ATS /ITS pieces by Orkideh, AND a re-emergence of the Om Laila percussion/dance ensemble as dreamt up and directed by Roula Said. The Sugar Shakers are also out in full force, you can find us this Sunday at the Spadina House Garden Party (see Upcoming Shows page) debuting our latest piece choreographed by the sugar mama herself, Virgie — called ‘That’s a Plenty.’

Be sure to check out Juvia’s site for all of the whats what and who’s who of Toronto’s bellydance scene

And music, there’s always so much music to discover and bask in..I’ll be at Jagga Jazzist @ Phoenix Concert Theatre – June 30th.

Keep your ear to the ground…



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