Wavy Wednesdays!

In February I started a new love project, a Pay-What-You-Can all levels bellydance class (online, of course). This community class is a way to learn some fundamental movements that make up bellydance in a recreational setting, designed to be accessible to all bodies and genders. So far the turn out has been great, a fabulous mix of people with so many different relationships to bellydance. Some this is their first exploration and others have been dancing for years. Some are learning it across culture and others are from the cultures of origins of the dance. It’s always exciting to have dance peers join a class and I think that most people drawn to bellydance understand on an intuitive level the nourishing power of waves, circles and spirals!

I decided to do a PWYC class to make it as accessible as possible. Times are tough, so many people are out of work and I know a lot of folks have been unable to take their regular classes due to financial stress. Movement is such a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety, and anything that holds space for joy and laughter feels particularly valuable right now!

The donations at the end of each month are directed toward various community-based initiatives. In February we raised funds for an amazing dog rescue Bullies In Need and in March the funds will be going to the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank – a small but mighty food bank that is working to address food security issues in the city.

Wavy Wednesdays will run throughout spring, if you’re interested you can email me or join the Wavy Wednesdays facebook group. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at watters.sandy@gmail.com

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