Summers end and 108 days of dance



Well it seems I was too busy dancing, to write about dancing! So here is the post I started writing and left unfinished on in September:

Without much fanfare, yesterday was the 108th day of my 108 Days of Dance journey. I had my usual Tuesday evening rehearsal with Serpentina, working on a kathak bellydance fusion choreography we have been developing.

I told one person yesterday that it was day 108. Because practice mostly is a solitary thing and most certainly discipline is an internal experience. Knowing that each day you will practice, no matter the weather or your mood, with or without Instagram, with or without telling anyone…

I used this personal challenge to take my practice to a new level. Though I’ve been practicing a few days a week for several years now between classes and rehearsals, now its daily. The point for me of a challenge like this, as I did with yoga practice as well, is not just to complete the said amount of days, but to continue with daily dance.

Last weekend, I had a House of Shimmy show at Music in the Park, then the next day hit a dancefloor at a soul night. As the summer comes to a wrap, here are a few pics from shows around town. As usual Pedestrian Sunday was a chance to dance in the streets on a car-free day in Kensington Market.

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