The one and only: Jimmy the Dog

Our altar
Jimmy 2003-2016

Most of my posts are about dance and movement. Behind all movement and art, there is inspiration. Jimmy the dog was part of my life inspiration. A lesson in unconditional love for the past twelve years –this lesson lasts a lifetime and is ever unfolding. Its been over a month since he passed from this world and up until his very last moment he taught us strength, dedication and equanimity.

On June 10th he left us, and it was a few days before I could bring myself to post something. I  finally did:

Rest in Peace, Jimmy the dog. Twelve years ago we rescued this low rider of a dog and what a journey it’s been with him in our family. He went by many names: Jimmy, Jimbyman, Yimmy, Jimmyjam, Mr Man, Finchyman, Fulek (‘ears’ in Hungarian), Jimmychanga, and later in life Zen Master Wing. He once was the alpha of a 4 dog pack, brother to lady dog Mila(grosa) and always sweet talked us into sharing a little taste of his favourite things (apples, doubles and samosas!). He was a love-bringer and a professional funky mandog.

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