Canadian Music Week, Aziza Weekend and Darkside Dance Program Intensive!

Tonight, Serpentina North Ensemble will be performing to a live set by JMBZ, and we dance the whole set starting at 10pm. This is part of three days of events for Canadian Music Week. More event info here.


Then! The long-awaited, much anticipated weekend of workshops with Aziza! I’m excited to finally learn from her and equally as excited to have been asked to dance in the gala show on Saturday night. I will be dancing an original Roula Said choreography, moving into some emotional terrain with Oum Kalthoum. The weekend is hosted by the lovely women of Dragonfly Bellydance, you can find show details and tickets here.

Not long after this beautiful whirlwind of a weekend, I will be in the Darkside studio’s dance program’s Lavender Intensive.

May is promising to keep me on my toes and with the fresh energy of spring, I don’t mind that at all! Keeping this transmission short and sweet, over and out…

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