Endorphins and vitamin D, a love story.


Its August and between the sunshine and endorphins of physical activity, I have been feeling the summertime love. In my attempts to resist the glorification of ‘busy-ness’ that plagues city life, I’ve been experimenting with regaining that feeling of summer as a kid — when days drag on and months are but one long moment in time. Doing this adult thing, it ain’t so easy, but I’ve found some little ways: riding to work each day, not having a mercilessly packed schedule, growing food being outside as much as possible. And music, always music. What is the soundtrack to YOUR summertime?

In June, the Sugar Shakers performed at the annual Great Gatsby Garden Party and although it was a grey, rainy day, it was a sold out event with overwhelming response, drawing out a pretty awesome and superbly -dressed crowd.

Getting our charleston on. Love all the smiles in this photo!

House of Shimmy did a last minute show with Random Order at Pride. It was right after the Gatsby event, so I booked it to the village, and got ready for a show that was so close to being stopped by the pouring rain. Random Order has fabulous synnergy and their music is so fun to dance to –makes me feel like Im in a Tarantino movie dancing to their soundtrack.

A couple of shots from after the show…a little sweaty, a little soggy, but always ready to move!

House of Shimmy
Rain or shine


In late July, I had the absolute pleasure of teaching my Flapper School workshop at Dragonfly Bellydance. It was sold out and in the middle of a heatwave but we jumped right into the charleston and other boisterous flapper footwork. Musically we delved into vintage jazz, mostly Bix Beiderbecke and brought the tempo up with some electroswing. It was like flapper aerobics up in there, and it was so much fun to see the group smiling and dancing…the two hours just flew by. Apparently some gams were feeling it, in the aftermath of Flapper School.

Speaking of flappers, Sugar Shakers is preparing for a hiatus after our next show this Saturday at a speakeasy event at the Spadina Museum. We  have dwindled in numbers and are re-grouping and revisioning, to create the next incarnation of Sugar Shakers. I will still be doing solo flapper performances and classes on request, and if you are looking for group performance, there are plenty of amazing vintage dancers in Toronto so please message me if you need a connection to other performers.

Serpentina North Ensemble is going strong, we’ve been working hard and have a few shows coming up. I have had to skip out on a few shows to focus on another project (stay tuned, next entry!), but I did get to perform with the whole troupe at a very sentimental event…the wedding of Jim (aka JMBZ) and Craig. It was a lovely and elegant backyard ceremony, and we were so so honoured to dance for them! Upcoming is the one year anniversary of Hip Hip Hooray Cabaret, Fan Expo and the Steampunk Expo in Niagara-on-the-Lake. (See upcoming shows section for details).

I am deeply submerged in a fulltime month long intensive at the moment and at one week in, I will wait until the halfway mark to write a blog about it. But what I will say is that I am so grateful for this opportunity, for this experience so far and the people I have crossed paths with. I have a feeling our paths won’t uncross for a long while after this time together.

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