The deep freeze. But still, music. Still, dance.


Although I told myself this winter would be low key and I would mostly be spent in a nourishing cocoon of books, ideas and ginger tea, 2014 has been filled with new collaborations, focused planning and steady practice. Also trudging through snow, sleet and last week several inches of rain to get to shows. Doing it for the love, if not always for the comfort!

In January, I began rehearsals with Inanna, a production created and directed by Joanne Camilleri. Dancing, film, live music, gorgeous costumes…I’m excited to be a part of this. Stay tuned, promo to come.

Another project House of Shimmy, kicked into high gear in January, with long time dance conspirator and friend Victoria. Although we have been doing shows together in some capacity for several years, we are finally have a name that reflects our love of bellydance, our inspiration from various dance cultures, and willingness to break traditions. House of Shimmy was so pleased to work with Random Order for their Black Lipstick Kiss album release at the Mod Club. (photo credit: Alexandra Gelis)

by Alexandra Gellis

61082_10152175030305668_332435778_n 75076_10152175030285668_1714890828_n

1004961_10152175030270668_2014004765_n 1013271_10152175029745668_1157577600_n 1176365_10152175029870668_2114762852_n 1185170_10152175030310668_964542460_n 1610046_10152175029865668_1167751463_n 1779700_10152175029790668_1718373226_nJust this past week, House of Shimmy performed at Steers and Queers, along with local drag queen/king, burlesque talents. It was a country western/honky tonk theme, as the name suggests and everyone was dressed to the nine.

The end of February kickstarted a whirlwind of rehearsals and shows for Serpentina: Winter Mirage, The 4th Annual Dragonfly Majlis (an ‘East Meets West’ theme included variety of bellydance genres and some cultural/historical talks), and today the much anticipated TedX at York University today.


Moonlight Mirage Feb 2014

Somehow Serpentina also managed to get to the ‘Kathak for Bellydancers’ workshop last weekend with Joanna DeSouza. All the dancers were hungry for more…her engaging style of transmitting the traditions of kathak with such skill and grace was really a wonderful experience. Rumour has it, there will be a part 2 of this workshop.

In only a few short weeks I will be in Seattle at Cues and Tattoos, until then some ‘downtime’ relatively speaking, of regular rehearsals. May we all keep the spirit nourished through this deep freeze. Perhaps some thoughtful and music for the deep contemplation and hibernation of this arctic vortex. Maybe you will enjoy these selections as much as I do…if not, go find something that makes your ears happy.

Alice Russel covering Cee-Lo’s Crazy

Yuna covering Nirvana’s Come As You Are

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