Dia de los Muertos


Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos is a holiday I feel connected to. Its healthy and fun to have a celebration of the people in our lives who have moved beyond this physical realm. I randomly found the above artist online, he has a great Muertos gallery.I kind of feel like I rolled out of a grave myself today, but not for lack of fun this weekend. Halloween is usually almost a week-long event for me and even though this year I didn’t perform at any Halloween shows, I had some good times around town.

Friday I performed with Jaash and Victoria at a fundraiser for St. Mikes hospital, and it was in the grandiose Arcadian Court.  It was a pleasure to perform and help raise money for their Urban Angels project. Sunday I had planned to go support my fellow bellydancers at the last PS Kensington instead I supported my pillow at home in bed. I did however make it for the parade, culminating in the back alley garbage stage for a bangin’ Lemon Bucket Orkestra show. Uninhibited dancing ensued.

Since I last posted, Serpentina performed our newest choreography at the Johnny Hollow show at Lula Lounge. Here’s a little clip, for your viewing pleasure.

It was a great event and I was particularly loving Dr. Draw as well as the ever lovely dancers of Dragonfly Studios dancing a duet to Johnny Hollow live. There was also a sneak preview  a of a movie that had stunning animation, although I was too focused on preparing for our set to give it the attention it warranted. A couple of days later I was setting up our Strange Dames (handmade wares by Laura and myself) table at Bazaar of the Bizarrewhen I realized the guy next to me was the artist who made that movie  –who’s also in Johnny Hollow. Check out the beautiful melancholy art and animation by Vincent Marcone. Other favourites for me were Peculiar Potions, Auxiliary Magazine, and Vintage Love. And of course the ever creative and inspiring people at Plastik Wrap.

Some shots the Strange Dames table:


If you missed Bazaar the Bizarre, stay tuned for Frostbite, the holiday edition on December 11th…more details to come!

As winter approaches I am attempting to reign in the flurry of activity and build a warm creative cocoon for the cold months to come. Easier said than done, November brings tons of creative events! To name but a few coming up in next two weeks.

This Thursday –ATS with Orkideh

This Sunday – Dia de los Muertos Festival  of Art and Cabaret

Thurs Nov 10 – Plaid at Wrongbar

Sat Nov 12- Swing out to Victory – Sugar Shakers will be performing!

If I held your attention and you’re still reading, thanks 🙂 There’s so much more to come this month…

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