Equinox in the city


Hey, Happy Equinox! For the end of September it was blazing hot dancing out there in Kensington Market today. It was the second last Pedestrian Sundays in the market and the last one Serpentina will be performing at until next summer rolls around. There was a good crowd as usual and a warm response  to the variety of our local bellydance talent. Thank you to the people who said such nice things about our performance — we always enjoy ourselves dancing in the streets! After the shows and a little freestyle session afterward, a few of us made our routine stop at Hot Beans for vegan burritos. Then wandering the market taking in the capoiera, garage sales (new white flapper dress for $5, yea!), soundsystems and spontaneous art until we beached in the park. After being up late last night at the Mad Professor show, then performing, I was ready for some downtime.

Thanks to Suma for bringing in the Mad Professor from London. I needed a good dose of that soul-quenching dubby goodness…

With this weekend barely done, I’m already looking forward to the next. Friday night, Dunkelbunt will be playing as part of the Small World Music Festival …and this time he’s not just DJing, but playing as a part of a full band, the Secret Swing Society.

I’m anticipating an impressive event as Cirqlar knows how to throw a serious carnivalesque party experience. They’re the company that first brought Beats Antique to Toronto in the summer of 2010 (which I had the pleasure of performing at) and if you know what’s what about electronic-balkan-middle eastern-swing vibes, you’ll know this is not to be missed! Of course as you already know, next weekend is Nuit Blanche, the all night art festival…be sure to make Moonlight Tribe one of your destinations. See upcoming events section for details.

Oh and I think that Orkideh just talked me into –twisted my rubber arm — going to Seattle for Cues and Tattoos 2012.





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