Adventures in vintage dance

Last weekend was the Georgian Sound Festival, where I had the honour of sharing the dancefloor with some very fine    movers. Sugar Shakers did a flapper number,  a Toronto-based lindy hop group danced as well as Joanna (chief confectioner of the Sugar Shakers) and her dance partner Laurence. Between the 12 of us we stayed in three lovely places at the base of Blue Mountain and had Friday for social dancing before the shows on Saturday. Saturday was a long day with hours in between our sets. Luckily there was some great music to be had and we all got our dance on. Sunday we had just enough time to enjoy the outdoor hot tub before the drive home. The Sugar Shakers have been performing at this event the past few years and judging by the crowds response, this wont be the last. I was inspired by the lindy hoppers and as a solo dancer just starting to explore vintage partner dance, I can’t wait to learn more. This month I will be focusing on just that… Joanna and Laurence are teaching partner lindy hop every Monday night in May at 8pm at Dovercourt House. Right before that is solo Charelston for guys and gals, maybe you want to come too! Info at

My bellydance practice continues, with solo shows being less of a priority right now I train and dream up new pieces that fuse all of my interests. I’m learning so much in the past while about styles of dance I’ve always been interested in and it will take a while to digest it all and see what comes out the other end of my brain (or feet!).

Festival and street party season is fast approaching and I can’t wait to get out there and perform with Sugar Shakers and Serpentina. Check out the upcoming shows section, there are a few already set!

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