Amazing night at the Late Night Cabaret!

The evening was cold and wet but as I ran toward Second City, the block was filled with people waiting to get into the Late Night Cabaret. As I squeezed through the crowd and into the closed doors, the room was bustling with pre-show energy. The show was sold out, and people were getting turned away at the door. All of the performers got ready and found small spaces to stretch in the cramped backroom. The show was an  hour and a half of comedy, sexy aerial sculptures, a 20’s inspired trapeze piece and an amazing group hoop act. It was exciting seeing three hundred people fill the two level space and a lot of fun to dance in this show. As usual the few minutes of stage time went by too quickly and after it was all said and done I was energized by the performance. More so I was inspired by the muti-talented people I got the opportunity to share a stage with. Thank you to Angola for producing this monthly show, its only the second month and already sold out! If you didn’t come out or couldn’t get in, there’s always the April show. Tickets only $12 via Second City site.

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